Ex-Neighbor Sues DJ AM’s Estate Over Odor

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – DJ AM’s former neighbor claims he became seriously ill because the deceased celebrity DJ’s estate didn’t fix a broken sewer pipe.

     According to Isaac Toveg’s pro se lawsuit in Superior Court, DJ AM’s estate was sold in October 2009 — two months after DM AM, born Adam Goldstein, died of an accidental drug overdose.
     Toveg says he “would experience problems in breathing and stomach ailments and would become severely ill” when he spent time in his backyard. Toveg says he told the estate about the foul odor that came from the house after DJ AM died, but the estate did not do anything about it.
Toveg says doctors diagnosed him with having a bacteria that causes chronic gastritis.
     He says his ailments improved after the sewer pipe was fixed.
     He seeks compensatory damages of more than $25,000 as well as medical expenses.

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