Ex-Med Student Challenges Her Expulsion

     WOBURN, Mass. (CN) – A third-year medical student claims the dean of Tufts University School of Medicine violated her privacy rights by checking her medical records and expelling her for altering a nurse’s note to get out of an exam.

     According to a lawsuit filed in Middlesex Superior Court, Amy Kuhlik, the medical school’s dean of students, was overly vigilant about verifying the note she received from a nurse practitioner, excusing Chen Li from school for the two days before the exam.
     Kuhlik called the nurse and found out that Li had changed the note to include the day of the exam. Li later apologized for the alteration, explaining that she was “too sick” to take the test.
     Li was expelled after a disciplinary hearing in which Kuhlik acted as “investigator, charging authority, prosecutor, participant in deliberations of the Committee, and judge,” the lawsuit claims.
     Li says the medical school violated its own policy by allowing Kuhlik to have so much control over Li’s expulsion.
     She wants the school’s decision reversed. She is represented by Bruce Macdonald.

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