Ex-Manager Sues Jose Feliciano for Royalties

     PALM BEACH (CN) – Jose Feliciano’s ex-manager claims in court that the musician famous for the Christmas pop song “Feliz Navidad” owes him 5 years of future royalties.
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     John Regna sued Jose Feliciano in Palm Beach County Court, alleging breach of contract and unjust enrichment.
     Regna claims Feliciano hired him in 2010 to be his personal and business manager through 2017, promising him 15 percent of the royalties generated during that time.
     But he says Feliciano terminated their 7-year contract after 2 years.
     “On July 7, 2012 Feliciano sent Regna a cryptic email which appeared to terminate Regna in his role solely as Jose Feliciano’s personal manager without cause. No ’cause of conduct’ issue was stated. Said email was unsigned,” the complaint states.
     “On July 31, 2012 Regna received a letter from Thomas Valentino Esq., purporting to be Feliciano’s attorney and terminating Regna’s contract without stating any cause. Furthermore, the email attached as an exhibit to the attorney’s letter and which was purported to be the same e-mail that was sent to Regna on July 7, 2012 had been altered.”
     Regna claims that he “was paid his 15 percent manager fees through July 2012, but was not paid his 15 percent fees for royalties earned during the contractual period.”
     “Regna was to be paid for the services rendered and Regna rendered said services.
     “Despite demand, Feliciano has refused to pay past, current and future royalty fees.”
     Regna seeks damages, prejudgment interest, costs and attorney’s fees.
     He is represented by Arthur Vincent of Fort Lauderdale.
     Feliciano also had a hit with a cover of The Doors’ “Light My Fire.”

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