Ex-Manager Claims ‘Sin City’ Writer Owes Him Plenty

LOS ANGELES (CN) — Frank Miller’s former manager sued the graphic novelist and screenwriter, claiming Miller owes him his 10 percent commissions for several movie projects, including films in the “300” and “Sin City” franchises.

Mark Lichtman sued Miller and producer Silenn Thomas in County Superior Court on Wednesday, claiming that Thomas also interfered with his contracts.

According to Lichtman, he was entitled to 10 percent of all revenue Miller made in the entertainment industry, including Miller’s interests in the “Sin City” graphic novels, the “300” feature film, and its sequel “300 Rise of the Empire,” the film and graphic novel “The Spirit,” a “Sin City” television series and other properties. He says he represented Miller for 30 years and generated more than $15 million in revenue for the writer.

Lichtman says Thomas represents that she is a producer, but that it “remains unclear what her qualifications are to produce or whether she has actually produced any films.” He claims Thomas interfered with his business relationship with Miller and “exert[ed] influence” over the writer.

“As part of this scheme, Thomas began to falsely attack Lichtman, his character and professional expertise. Her scheme also involved isolating Miller from Lichtman and depriving Lichtman of any access to his client, access which he had enjoyed for more than 28 years,” according to the complaint.

Lichtman says he tried to approach Miller at a “Sin City 2” premiere in California but that Thomas made false statements to The Weinstein Group that suggested the writer would not welcome him at the event.

“Plaintiffs are informed and believe and thereon allege that based upon his addictions and the physical and emotional problems that Miller was suffering at the time, that he had no knowledge of or did not even understand that Lichtman was trying to see him at the ‘Sin City’ 2 Party or that he had been invited to the premiere of the ‘Sin City 2’ feature film,” the complaint states.

Lichtman says Thomas succeeded in having him fired and that he parted ways with Miller in August 2014.

He is represented by Kenneth Keller with Keller, Sloan & Roman.

Representatives for Miller and Thomas have not responded to requests for comment.

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