Ex Claims Pia Zadora Defamed Him

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Pia Zadora’s ex-husband claims the actress defamed him with false accusations that he sexually molested their son. Jonathan Kaufer claims their son has echolalia and other developmental disorders, which his ex exploited to make “false, outrageous and defamatory reports.”

     Kaufer, a writer and director, was married to Zadora for 6 years. They divorced in November 2001. In his Superior Court complaint, he claims Zadora ruined his “personal, business, and professional reputation” with the false allegations.
     Kaufer claims that their son’s doctor diagnosed the boy with pervasive developmental disorders, anxiety disorder and “significant echolalia.” He claims the doctor said that the boy’s “anxieties were sufficiently virulent as to cause [him] to become ‘so agitated that his reality-based functioning is threatened.'”
     Kaufer claims Zadora “made numerous false, outrageous and defamatory reports” to the Department of Children and Family Services, to medical professionals and therapists, and to their son.
     Kaufer claims “suffered and continues to suffer … severe and lasting emotional distress … loss of earnings and future earning capacity,” and damage to his reputation.
     He seeks punitive damages for defamation, privacy invasion, false light, emotional distress and false reports of child abuse. He is represented by Thomas Cifarelli.

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