Ex-Business Manager Sues Reggie Jackson

     SANTA ANA, Calif. (CN) – A former business manager for baseball icon Reggie Jackson claims in court that Mr. October breached an oral employment agreement.

     In his Superior Court complaint, Frank Perry claims that he and Jackson agreed in 2002 that Perry would become Jackson’s manager and get 10 percent of the gross of Jackson memorabilia-related sales, 15 percent of gross of Jackson’s earnings from speaking engagements, endorsements, book, business and movie deals, and $5,600 a month to run Jackson’s “The Mr. October Foundation for Kids.”
     Perry claims it was a lifetime agreement and that Jackson made misleading statements to entice him to pass up other business opportunities so he could “focus 100 percent of Perry’s time” on working for Jackson.
     “These statements of material fact that Reggie Jackson made over and over again were false,” the complaint states.
     “The truth was that Reggie Jackson did not intend to have Perry work for him for his entire life. Reggie Jackson just wanted to use Perry as a traveling companion, a servant, and someone that he could continually vent to, and he did not intend to have Perry work for his entire life.”
     Jackson fired Perry in May or June 2009, Perry says. He claims Jackson breached their oral contract by failing to continue to pay him. He also claims that Jackson ruined a sponsorship deal with Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, when Boehringer terminated the deal after Jackson was caught saying anti-Semitic remarks.
     Perry seeks $742,000 in compensatory damages and punitive damages for breach of contract, violations of the California Labor Code, fraud and conversion. He is represented by Mark Mazda of Irvine.

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