Ex-Boyfriend Sues Hulk Hogan’s Ex

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife Linda Bollea has been sued by her former boyfriend, who claims she owes him money for appearing in the VH1 reality TV show, “Linda Hogan and Charlie Hill,” and used him as a virtual day laborer at her home.
     Charlie Hill sued Linda Bollea, and her company Valley Girl Entertainment on July 29, in Superior Court. Bollea is the ex-wife of Terry Bollea, better known as wrestler Hulk Hogan.
     In his lawsuit, Hill claims that his former lover “abused” their relationship by having him work unpaid on construction, renovation, landscaping and accounting projects at their home. The long list of tasks of which he complains includes digging a manmade creek and roads, planting avocado trees and waxing the yacht Bollea bought using a “windfall” from her divorce with Hulk Hogan.
     Hill claims that the materials and labor he expended on those projects exceeds $1.5 million.
     Hill claims in the lawsuit that Linda Bollea seduced him after she split up with Hulk Hogan. He was 19 and she was 48 when their relationship began, Hill claims.
     He claims that Bollea encouraged him to drink alcohol though he was underage, and to drive while under the influence.
     “The two started a romantic and sexual relationship and given the age difference Bollea fit the paradigm of what is commonly referred to in pop culture as a ‘cougar,’ in other words a sexually charged older woman who pursues and seduces virile young males,” the lawsuit states.
     Hill adds: “Ultimately, Bollea parlayed this cougar image into nationwide publicity on a reality television show, having already been involved in a reality television show with her ex-husband Hulk Hogan before she seduced Hill.”
     That VH1 show was called “Hogan Knows Best.”
     Hill claims that Linda Bollea entered into a contract with production company Irwin Entertainment for him to co-star in “Linda Hogan and Charlie Hill.”
     In 2011, Hill claims, he agreed that compensation for their appearances would go to Valley Girl Entertainment, providing he was paid later.
     “This never happened and as such Bollea and VGE [Valley Girl Entertainment] have misappropriated and converted to their own use monies owed to Hill,” the lawsuit states.
     According to a description of the show on the VH1 website: “52 year-old Linda Hogan is still recovering from her nasty and very public divorce from Hulk Hogan, but she’s getting a lot of support from her 23-year-old boyfriend, Charlie Hill. The 29-year age difference between them is an unresolved issue that continues to plague their relationship. Linda and Charlie are entering the couples therapy program to see if their enormous age difference is an insurmountable obstacle, or if real love can truly conquer all.”
     Hill says he parted ways with Linda Bollea in 2012.
     In the lawsuit, he also demands the return of some of his possessions, including a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and clothing.
     He seeks money owed and damages and punitive damages for breach of contract, breach of faith, unjust enrichment, and unlawful business practices.
     He is represented by Michael Shapiro.

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