Ex-Air-Traffic Controller Loses Retaliation Claim

     CHICAGO (CN) – The 7th Circuit tossed out the disability discrimination and retaliation claims of a former air-traffic controller who fell off a stool in O’Hare Airport’s control tower and claimed he was denied a reasonable accommodation for his knee injury.

     When Joseph Bellino returned from surgery, his supervisors offered to move him to a sedentary position in front of the radar monitors, but Bellino refused. He clashed with the Federal Aviation Administration over whether his bosses tried to accommodate his partial disability and whether the FAA had properly revoked his medical clearance.
     Judge Flaum said the agency had clearly tried to accommodate his limited mobility, and the clearance decision “made a lot of sense,” because Bellino had given his supervisors a note requesting leave “so that I do not place aircraft and personnel in an unsafe situation.”

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