Every Mother’s Nightmare

     FORT LAUDERDALE (CN) – A daycare center trying to avoid a fine for overcrowding left a toddler in a car for more than two hours and he died from the heat, the mother claims in court.
     Fantasia Goldson sued 3C’s Day Academy for the wrongful death of her son, Jordan Coleman, in Broward County Court.
     Goldson claims the daycare center, in Sunrise, Fla., had previously been cited for having too many kids, so it tried to hide eight children from inspectors on a hot summer day – including her son, who was 4.
     The complaint states: “On or about August 1, 2012, the plaintiff’s stepfather, Hector James, brought Jordan to the defendant’s day care operated by the defendant. Hector James personally made sure that Jordan was in the care of the defendant’s staff before he left.
     “On the day in question, the defendant’s operator was afraid that home day care inspectors were coming. She had too many children on that day, and such a situation would violate her license as she had previously received such a citation. She told her daughter to take eight of the children, including Jordan Coleman, away for the day. These children were taken to an apartment complex where a friend had an apartment. Jordan, who had fallen asleep in the SUV driven by the defendant’s operator’s daughter, was left in the SUV. No one checked the vehicle to ensure that all children had been taken out of the vehicle. The other children were taken out of the vehicle and into the apartment. After several hours, Jordan’s 5-year-old cousin inquired about Jordan. It was then discovered that Jordan had been left in the car. A neighbor at the apartment complex pulled Jordan out of the SUV. CPR was performed and was unsuccessful. Jordan was transported to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
     “Jordan’s family was subsequently contacted by Broward County law enforcement. The family was advised that Jordan was found unresponsive in the SUV parked at an apartment complex in Tamarac, Broward County.
     “The family was advised that Jordan had been left in the SUV for at least two hours. His death was a result of the very high temperatures experienced inside the vehicle. Jordan had sustained hyperthermia resulting in his death.”
     Goldson says the defendant “knew or should have known that children left alone in a vehicle for even a short period of time in the heat would expose children to extreme danger, and likely death, and that a dangerous condition existed as a consequence of leaving a child alone in the SUV.”
     She seeks damages for pain and suffering, negligence, wrongful death and medical and funeral expenses.
     She is represented by Andew Yaffa of Coral Gables.

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