EU Seeks Tougher Limits on US Use of Citizen Data

     BRUSSELS (AP) — European Union lawmakers want tougher limits set on the U.S. using information about EU citizens that’s exchanged under a new trans-Atlantic data agreement.
     The lawmakers urged the European Commission in a resolution Thursday to fix “deficiencies” in the Privacy Shield agreement governing data transfers to the U.S. for commercial purposes.
     They fear U.S. authorities could have access to too much information and that a future U.S. ombudsman meant to provide redress in case of abuses isn’t independent enough.
     The non-binding resolution was passed 501-119, with 31 abstentions.
     Privacy Shield was unveiled in February after a European court struck down the previous pact, Safe Harbor, amid concerns over the safety of data stored by companies in the U.S. and possible exposure to surveillance by U.S. intelligence agencies.

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