EU Extends Sanctions of Libyan Politicians

(CN) – European lawmakers on Friday extended sanctions against three Libyan politicians, citing concerns they are thwarting efforts to form a democratic government and violating a 2015 peace deal.

The Council of the European Union imposed sanctions on Libyan Council of Deputies president Agila Saleh and two others associated with the internationally unrecognized General National Congress in April 2016. According to the lawmakers, the three are obstructing the implementation of the 2015 Libyan Political Agreement and the formation of a “government of national accord.”

Noting the situation in Libya remains volatile and that the nation’s political transition following the 2011 civil war is not coming along as hoped, the lawmakers extended the sanctions against the three individuals for another six months.

Earlier this week, the European General Court lifted the council’s sanctions against slain Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi’s daughter, finding no good reason for her to remain on the EU’s blacklist.

EU sanctions typically include an asset freeze and a ban on travel to and within the European Union.

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