Ethanol-Blended Gas Ruins Engines, Suit Says

     MIAMI (CN) – Ethanol-blended gasoline containing more than 10 percent ethanol ruins engines by dissolving fuel-system parts and depositing contaminants, a class action claims in Miami-Dade Circuit Court.

     All major players in the gas industry know that ethanol-blended gas absorbs water, and that a water-ethanol mixture is highly corrosive, the lawsuit claims.
     The plaintiffs seek to recover damages from Big Oil, including Shell, Exxon Mobil, Citgo, Chevron and Texaco, for allegedly using ethanol-blending systems that produce gasoline blends with more than 10 percent ethanol. The gas companies then sell their “E10” fuel, knowing it will likely become contaminated with water and cause engine damage, the plaintiffs claim.

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