Epson Printers Are Designed To Cheat Customers, Consumer Claims

   ORLANDO (CN) – Epson America defrauds customers by selling printers with a computer chip that makes the machine inoperable just after the warrant expires, David Basher claims in Orange County Court.
Basher, who says he will amend the complaint to make it a class action, says he bought three Epson printers, each with a year warranty, and all of them stopped working just after the warranty expired. He says the cost of having Epson fix the machines is greater than buying a new one. And he claims that he found, through Internet research, that Epson programs the printers to break after the warranty expires. He says he downloaded a program to override this, and fixed both computers he still had. He said the phony defect message says the machine has “excess ink sponge.” The machines at issue are the Epson Stylus Photo models 900, R200 and R220. Basher is represented by Ebbets, Armstrong & Traster of
Daytona Beach.

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