EPA Slows Down Green House Gas Tailoring Rule

     WASHINGTON (CN) – Since state and local authorities are behind in permitting large source emitters in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Prevention of Significant Deterioration and Title V, the EPA will not yet add additional sources.
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     Under the programs, sources that emit as little as 100 to 250 tons of greenhouse gases per year must obtain permits from state and local authorities to build new, or expand or modify existing, facilities.
     Because the EPA determined that including all of the sources Congress intended to subject to the permitting regime would overwhelm local authorities, it had adopted a phased implementation of the program called the Tailoring Rule.
     In the first two steps, the agency set 100,000 tons per year of carbon-dioxide-equivalent potential emissions as the threshold for inclusion in the permitting process. It planned to lower the threshold in a third step if the permitting authorities had achieved the necessary efficiency or increased capacity to implement wider permitting.
     To help local authorities, the agency will implement a program to allow greenhouse gas emitters who meet plantwide limitations on overall emissions to modify their facilities without triggering the PSD and Title V permitting regime.

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