Maverick Entertainment violated copyright on the song “Temporary Intelligence,” in its movie, “The Bahama Hustle,” Robert Thomas Jr. claims in Miami Federal Court.

    Evelyn Candelaria, a McDonald’s employee, claims Morgan Spurlock and The Con used her image in the movie “Super Size Me” without her permission, in Kings County Court, Brooklyn.
     Gregory Fiedor claims he wrote and copyrighted the song, “I Need You,” which five defendants “arranged and recomposed” for LeAnn Rimes, without his permission. He sued Curb Records, Kobalt Music Publishing of America, Dennis Matkosky, Ty Lacy, and Arts Music Shop, in Birmingham, Ala., Federal Court.
     Porn actress Mary Sanchez pka Jasmine Byrne accuses All Media Play LLC of defamation and breach of contract, in Los Angeles Superior Court.

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