Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent and members of his band, G-Unit, illegally imprisoned and assaulted and battered a man younger than 18, the man claims in New York County Court.

     Cheaa and Timfany Mayfield, members of Curtis Mayfield’s estate, claim in Atlanta Federal Court that Access Entertainment violates copyright on “Superfly” and uses the late entertainer’s image without permission on its Web site.
     Alliance Films, of Canada, sued Alliance Group Entertainment, of Nevada, in a trademark dispute in Los Angeles Federal Court.
     American Talent Agency claims Dactyl Productions and Richard Terry failed to pay travel and lodging expenses for hip-hop singer Akon’s gig in Romania, in New York County Court.
     Song Factory, dba SAS Karaoke, and other karaoke companies, are violating copyright, 10 music publishers claim in Nashville Federal Court.
     Here are the defendants: Song Factory Inc. dba Sing-A-Song dba SAS Karaoke dba SASKaraoke.com dba Legends Karaoke dba Country Karaoke dba Music Maestro dba Karaoke-Mix.com dba Proburn, Howard Appledorf, Carly Holding Corp., Fierotec dba karaoke.com, Karaoke.com LLC, Karaoke.com Inc., Greg Lazzaroni, Master Mixers Entertainment dba Sing-A-Song dba SAS Karaoke dba SASKaraoke.com, and James Washington.

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