Live Face On Web claims in Philadelphia Federal Court that Howard Stern Productions and Xstream Broadcasting Networks violate copyright on software that shows a “‘live’ salesperson” on a company Web site, to promote Stern’s show on Sirius Satellite Radio.

     Steve Austin and TAG Entertainment owe money for consulting services on the movies “Supercross” and “Pop Star,” Tracy Von Vechery claims in Los Angeles Superior Court.
     Mark Gelfman, Tribeca Performing Arts Center and violated the Moscow Cats Theatre” trademark, Yuri and Dmitri Kuklachev claims in Brooklyn Federal Court.
     North America Productions claims Miss North America Ltd. violates its trademark on “Miss North America” and “Miss Teen North America,” in Concord, N.H., Federal Court.
     Ben Karlin, a writer on the “Daily Show,” claims Frappe Inc. owes him $125,000 for a failed effort to produce a “gastronomic tour through Spain” with celebrity chef Mario Batali and Gwyneth Paltrow, in New York County Court.
     Almost Broke Production claims Warner Bros. Entertainment and Lightyear Entertainment owe it hundreds of thousands of dollars for the film “Super Spy,” in Los Angeles Superior Court.

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