Motley Crue and Universal Music Group violate copyright by reproducing and selling 1981 photos of the band that Ron Toma acquired from photographer Michael Pinter, Toma claims in Chicago Federal Court.

     Becky Priest claims three former bandmates unfairly kicked her out of the band Cowboy Crush, because she refused to “kiss ass and suck up to get back in the band’s good graces,” in Davidson County Court, Nashville.
     Valley Entertainment claims Wendy Friesen – Hypnotist violates copyright on its New Age music by selling the mass-produced CDs and DVDs “Happy Tummy” and “Zen of Thin Weight,” in Chicago Federal Court.
     Yvette Simmons claims Derrick O’Neal cheated her of money owed for ghost-writing a book based on his life, “The Game is Ova,” in San Francisco Federal Court.

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