Free Fall Productions, J2 Pictures, James Reach Productions and their agents breached a distribution agreement by failing to deliver an Oliver Stone-produced film about Colombian cocaine trafficker Pablo Escobar, Essential Entertainment Media claims in Los Angeles Superior Court.

     William Morris Independent claims producer Emmanuel Benbihy and his production affiliates breached a written sales agreement for the film “New York, I Love You,” in Los Angeles Federal Court.
     Hudson Scenic Studio, The Walt Disney Co. and Buena Vista Theatrical Group have been sued in Brooklyn Federal Court by a man who claims he was injured while transporting the set of “The Lion King.”
     Wow Productions claims it was wrongfully excluded from the production of the movie “Perfect Game,” originally called “The Third Miracle,” in Los Angeles Superior Court. The defendants are Lone Runner Independent Entertainment, Mandalay Sports Action Entertainment, William Winokur, Third Miracle Productions, Mandalay Integrated Media Entertainment, Lone Runner Productions, David Salzberg, Dean Hamilton Bornstein and Lions Gate Film.

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