Johnny Vieira, apparently a talent scout and/or developer, demands $5 million from Vanessa Hudgens from her recordings and appearance in “High School Musical.” He also claims Greg Hudgens, Vanessa’s father, defamed him, in Los Angeles Superior Court.

     Far Out Productions claims seven band members are violating its trademark on the name “War.” Defendants in Los Angeles Federal Court are Harold Brown, Howard Scott, Morris Dickerson, Lee Oskar Levitin, Lance Ellis, Keith Vinet, and Chuck Barber.
     The Harry Fox Agency claims Thump Records owes it $400,000 for royalties on unspecified works, in Manhattan Federal Court. Fox demands $300,000 from Thrive Records in a separate complaint in the same court.
     Jimmy Daniel Alexander, of the rock group Rehab, claims Hard Rock Hotel is violating his band’s trademark by hosting Rehab pool parties, in Las Vegas Federal Court.
     American Cinema International demands $500,000 from Quantum Releasing in a squabble over distribution rights to a movie called “Seven Ten Split,” renamed “Strike,” in Los Angeles Superior Court.
     Dreamhouse Entertainment and LaTele Novela Network claim DirecTV group violated their “Telenovela” trademark by launching a channel that shows only telenovelas, in Puerto Rico Federal Court. A telenovela is a soap opera.

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