Tony Thomas claims he paid the group “Cherish” $10,000 and paid “The YoungBloodz” $8,000 for a show at the Las Vegas Sport Complex, and Cherish showed up late, sang two songs and left, and The YoungBloodz didn’t show up at all, in separate claims in Clark County Court.

     The Clyde Otis Music Group demands $150,000 from Fantasy Record Co., claiming it illegally sampled his tune, “Try To Leave Me If You Can,” on Jaheim’s ditty, “Let’s Talk About It,” in Newark Federal Court.
     Star Video Duplicating claims Margate Entertainment and TV4U owe it $192,000 for converting videos of old movies and TV shows – including “Abbott and Costello,” “Andy Griffith,” and “Bonanza” – into digital format for viewing on defendants’ Web site, in Las Vegas Federal Court.
     Rik Fedcyk claims Flynet Pictures cheated him on sales of his photos and refuses to stop advertising 3,847 of his photos for sale on the Internet. He demands $1.4 million in Los Angeles Superior Court, and also sues Scott Cosman, Jerome Nicod and Nicolas Robiteau.

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