Carole Davis and Eastern Talent Alliance claim dancer Savion Glover owes them $206,000 for agent and management fees, in New York County Court.

     Reach Global and David Reeves, a songwriter for Run DMC, claims Warner Chappell Music, Protoons and Rabasse Music owe him $250,000 in royalties on 17 songs, in Manhattan Federal Court.
     Susan Priver claims in Los Angeles Superior Court that these defendants defrauded her of $250,000 in a movie investment: Marvin Acuna, Randy Becker, Acuna Entertainment, Acuna Lamkay Meade Entertainment, Guest Room The Movie Productions LLC, Nancy Savoca, Richard Guay, and Michael Hare.
     Howard Kessler claims McNally Smith College of Music owes him money for helping lure “The Daily Show” to its campus during the Republican National Convention, in Hennepin County Court, Minneapolis.

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