John Paradise and The Paradise Talent Agency claim the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, Megan Catuano, and Denise Mazzocco defamed them in a Dec. 16, 2007 memo to AFTRA members, in Los Angeles Superior Court.

     Shannon’s Rainbow claims Supernova Media and Joycelyn Engle failed to deliver an “A-list” cast for a movie as promised, in Salt Lake City Federal Court.
     The four members of The Modern Lovers, which disbanded in 1973, say Sanctuary Records Group and UMG Recordings owes them more than $150,000 in royalties, in Los Angeles Superior Court.
     Bagdasarian Productions claims St. Clair Entertainment Group sold counterfeit “Alvin and the Chipmunks” CDs, in Los Angeles Federal Court.
     Zootfly d.o.o. claims Brash Entertainment owes it $748,000 for its work on a video game version of the TV show, “Prison Break,” in Los Angeles Superior Court.

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