Legends LLC claims Upper Deck Co., of Carlsbad, Calif., owes it $1.9 million for unsold sports cards it returned, in Monroe County Court, Rochester, N.Y.

     Exploration II demands $5 million from Martin Biallas and SEE Touring Productions, in a dispute over loans and rights to an interactive, touring exhibit of Star Trek memorabilia, in Manhattan Federal Court.
     Marvista Entertainment claims Adam Koffler and CD&G (Elite) Inc. accepted from (nonparty) Invision MPG the fraudulent conveyance of the movie, “Angels With Angles,” in a $1 million claim in Los Angeles Superior Court.
     Funimation Productions claims Destineer Publishing Corp. owes it $556,000 on a contract allowing Destineer to sell Funimation’s Anime games, in Tarrant County Court, Fort Worth.

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