A&E Television Networks sued Genuine Entertainment dba The Idea Factory, and Rebel Entertainment Partners in Manhattan Federal Court, claiming that any ideas they submitted in connection with A&E’s TV series, “Steven Seagal: Lawman,” were neither novel, original, nor protectable.

     Steve Pappas and King of Salsa LLC sued Felton Films in a dispute over the movie, “Hector Lavoe, the King of Salsa,” in New York County Court.
     Anthony Ormesher and Jose Alves claim Slingshot Productions, Bold Films, The Weinstein Co. and others violated copyright on their tune, “Brother,” in Los Angeles Federal Court.
     Wanderlust Media claims Mio Technology, Mitac USA and others violate its “Navtones” trademark, in Los Angeles Federal Court.
     Dean Paraskevopoulos claims he directed the film, “Sakura: Blue-Eyed Samurai,” and the defendants failed to complete and distribute it. He demands $25 million from these defendants in Los Angeles Superior Court: Kiyoshi Yasuno, Hisou Masuda, Kuniaki Fukunaga, Shinichi Kurata, Sonny Chiba, Satch Watanabe, Belluna Co., JDMC Co., Friendstage Co., and Toei Studios.
     The Portal LLC sued Birch Tree Entertainment in Los Angeles Federal Court in a dispute over distribution of the film, “The Portal.”

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