Zef Kolaj claims Kenneth Dixon and 20th Century Fox owe him $150,000 plus interest for his investment in the movie and DVD called “Cover,” in Santa Monica Superior Court.

     Anthony Felton claims King of Salsa, Mainstay Films and other owe him money for their movie and DVD, “King of Salsa: The True Story of Hector Lavoe,” based on his movie, “The Singer: The Hector Lavoe Story,” in Manhattan Federal Court.
     Here are the defendants in the Hector Lavoe movie case: King of Salsa LLC, Steve Pappas, Frank Gangemi, Mainstay Films, James Acuri dba Identity Features, Tribeca Film Center, and Raul Carbonell.
     Fabrication Films International claims Las Mujeres, and The Independent Film & Television Alliance breached a distribution agreement for the movie, “Virgin of Juarez,” in Los Angeles Superior Court.

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