Entergy Billed It for|Phantom Lights, City Says

BEAUMONT, Texas (CN) – Entergy Texas defrauded Beaumont for years by billing the city for lights that don’t exist, for maintenance it never did, and for power that wasn’t used, the city claims in Jefferson County Court.

     Beaumont says it discovered the “shocking trends” in an audit. It pays Entergy for power from “well over 10,000 lights,” and the power company billed for many of them at a more expensive, higher wattage than the bulbs actually have, Beaumont says.
     The city added: “Defendant never seemed to accidentally charge for a lower wattage.”
     Beaumont says Entergy has done this “month after month, year after year,” but does not specify the precise length of the alleged fraudulent billing. It adds that the citizens of Beaumont had to pay for this fraud through taxes.
     The city demands refunds with interest, damages for fraud and breach of contract, and punitive damages. It is represented by Edward Fisher with Provost Umphrey.

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