Engineer Working in Name of Christ Said to Swipe $300K

     FRANKLIN, Tenn. (CN) – A self-described Christian engineer swindled a company out of more than $300,000 by claiming he’d invented a revolutionary energy system to help the Third World, according to a Tennessee investor’s complaint. He says he trusted the engineer because the engineer claimed to work “in the name of Jesus Christ.”

     AMS Holdings says in Williamson County Court that Michael Sawyer and his Global Energy Systems persuaded AMS to invest in a nitrogen-powered energy system that could help Third World economies. Sawyer allegedly claimed his invention could produce energy that was nearly four times cheaper and 20 percent more efficient than a fossil fuel system.
     AMS claims Sawyer set up seven dummy companies to create the illusion that he had a sophisticated business, and it claims Sawyer is not licensed as an engineer in Tennessee.
     In fact, AMS says, Sawyer’s expertise consists of just one expired patent application from 2002.
     After investing $200,000, AMS says it paid more than $100,000 to fly him to Holland to meet with potential customers.
     When outside engineers calculated that Sawyer’s device could not be more than 6 percent efficient – a far cry from the purported 70 percent – Sawyer refused to explain how it worked because doing so would “disclose trade secrets,” according to the complaint.
     AMS demands rescission, accounting and appointment of a receiver. Defendants include Global Energy Systems subsidiaries Investment Group, Global Generation Systems, Military Power Systems, Global Lighting Systems, American Modular Power, Global Construction Systems and New Creation Consulting.
     AMS is represented by M. Clark Spoden with Frost Brown Todd.

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