Comcast fired a manager for objecting to its “management team” practice of signing up phony new customers to pad their paychecks, Ineol Sackoor claims in Essex County Court, Newark.

    Thirty-nine employees claim FedEx Group Package System cheats them by misclassifying them as independent contractors, in Los Angeles Superior Court.
     Class-action complaints alleging Labor Code violations have been filed against these defendants: Reed Elsevier and Seisint, in West Palm Beach Federal Court; Ralphs Grocery Co., in Los Angeles Superior Court; Overmiller Inc. dba Roto-Rooter, in Contra Costa County Court, Calif.; Exclusive Ambulette, on behalf of Russian-born employees, in King County Court, Brooklyn; Efficient Systems, in Dallas Federal Court; Ted’s Montana Grill, and Niko’s Grill and Pub, in Chicago Federal Court.

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