Cooper Lighting supervisor David West forced a woman he supervised to have sex with him against her will, on pain of losing her job, she claims in Fulton County Court, Atlanta.

     The National Labor Relations Board asked the Chicago Federal Court to enjoin these defendants from abandoning negotiations and threatening union employees who engage in protected activities: Industrial Hard Chrome Ltd., Bar Technologies LLC, and Fluid Power Manufacturing.
     Class-action complaints alleging Labor Code violations have been filed against these defendants: TD Ameritrade, in Oakland, Calif., Federal Court; SBC Global Services and AT&T Services, in San Diego Federal Court; Acme Cycles, in San Diego Superior Court; Patrick’s Construction Clean-Up, in Sacramento Superior Court; Trans-Box Systems, in Alameda County Court, Oakland; Kemper Mortgage, in Clark County Court, Las Vegas; Solmar Restaurant Inc., in Miami Federal Court; and Empire Builders of Collier County, in Fort Myers, Fla., Federal Court.

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