Felix Azoulay, an employee and relative of the bosses of YBM Unlimited, a clothing store, raped and forcibly sodomized a co-worker, making her vomit, after the manager ignored her complaints about his harassment, the woman claims in Clark County Court, Las Vegas.

     An electrician claims the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 159 refuses to offer him employment because he is black, in Madison, Wis., Federal Court.
     Four black employees have filed pro se claims of discrimination, retaliation and wrongful firing against the Shelby County and its tax assessor, in Memphis Federal Court.
     Class-action complaints alleging Labor Code violations have been filed against these defendants: Downey Savings and Loan, in San Diego Federal Court; Wells Fargo & Co., in San Francisco Federal Court; Victoria’s Secret, in Santa Barbara Superior Court; Siemens IT Solutions and Microsoft, in a single complaint in Santa Clara County Court; NGR Inc., in Los Angeles Superior Court; PPG Industries, in Pittsburgh Federal Court; The Synergy Group, in Nashville Federal Court; JT Packard & Associates, in Madison, Wis., Federal Court; GV Marine Services, in Houston Federal Court; Nicks Insulation Corp., in New York County Court; Ready Acquisitions, in Wichita Federal Court; All Care Sweeping, in Kansas City, Kan., Federal Court; and Global Aviation Link, in Miami Federal Court.

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