A woman claims The Vons Cos. and Safeway wrongfully fired her and failed to respond to her complaints that coworkers sexually assaulted and battered her, in Los Angeles Superior Court.

     Citigroup imprudently overinvested employees’ 401(k) money in its own stock, according to a class action ERISA complaint in Manhattan Federal Court. So did Wachovia, according to a separate class action in the same court.
     Class-action complaints alleging Labor Code violations have been filed against these defendants: Brosnan Risk Consultants, in Manhattan Federal Court; George Weston Bakeries, in Brooklyn Federal Court; NovaStar Financial, in an ERISA complaint in Kansas City, Mo., Federal Court; Metro One Petroleum, in Fort Pierce, Fla., Federal Court; Jimmie Vickers Jeep Suzuki, in Orlando Federal Court; and Interglobe Travel, in West Palm Beach Federal Court.

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