Margaret Anne Miley claims her boss at Pierre’s Bistro carries a gun to work and threatened to kill her if she sued him for sexual harassment, in Hennepin County Court. Miley says Pierre Gardien came to work drunk, asked her to have a threesome with a co-worker and told her she was “such a sarcastic bitch.”

     The St. John Missionary Baptist Church fired an employee for attending services at another church, Sonya Hall claims in Little Rock Federal Court.
     Class-action complaints alleging Labor Code violations have been filed against these defendants: Miramar Food & Car Wash Enterprises, Murphy Oil USA, Turning Point Enterprises, Carole’s Kitchen, Clarke Mosquito Control Products and ISH Petroleum Enterprises in Miami Federal Court; Westlake Hardware and WDG Construction & Development Services in Kansas Federal Court; Meta Inc., a dissolved corporation, in Chicago Federal Court; Mervyns, Golden State Supply and General Parts Inc. in Alameda County Court; and B.J.’s Pizza, and Belmont Village LP and affiliates in Los Angeles Superior Court.

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