The EEOC sued Gold’n Plump Poultry and The Work Connection, an employment agency, for disciplining, firing, and refusing to refer Muslim workers who did not want to handle pork products, for religious reasons, in Minneapolis Federal Court.

     Police officers say the City of New Orleans did not properly credit their pension plans for the long hours they worked after Hurricane Katrina, in an ERISA class action in Orleans Parish Court.
     Barry Hagar, her boss at Concentra Health Services, assaulted and battered her with vile sexual behavior and Concentra constructively fired her by refusing to stop it, a woman claims in St. Louis City Court.
     Wachovia Corp. recklessly put too much of its employees’ money into its own risky, shoddy subprime mortgage-backed securities, workers say in an ERISA class action in Manhattan Federal Court.
     Class-action complaints alleging Labor Code violations have been filed against these defendants: Davita Inc., Victoria’s Secret Stores, and Zipfizz Corp. / Enfission, in Los Angeles Superior Court; LivHome Inc., in San Diego Superior Court; Universal Protection Service, in Santa Ana, Calif., Federal Court; 230 5th Avenue Rooftop Garden, in Manhattan Federal Court; Stern Process and Investigation, in Chicago Federal Court; Airport Alliance II, in Miami Federal Court; AKO Plumbing, in Fort Lauderdale Federal Court; Martin Services Total Lawn, in West Palm Beach Federal Court; and Ryno Mobility, in Tampa Federal Court.

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