International Ram Associates violates the Labor Code, according to a class action in San Diego Superior Court.

     Class-action complaints alleging Labor Code violations have been filed against these defendants: Main Line Fuel Systems, in Camden, N.J., Federal Court; Dante Caterers, in Brooklyn Federal Court; Estelle Place & Jireh Place & Our Place & Destiny Place, in a single claim in Alexandria, Va., Federal Court; Miller Family Co., Miller Automotive Group, and North Star Building Maintenance, in Los Angeles Superior Court; Herbs Unlimited, D & M Investments, Century Roofing, and Amato One Hour Cleaning Corp., in Miami Federal Court; So Glad, Allglad, M.I. Glad, Be Glad, and Midas Inc., in a single claim in Stanislaus County Court, Calif.; Allen Industries of North Carolina, and Syniverse Technologies, in Tampa Federal Court.

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