A Jehovah’s Witness says Johnson’s Wrecker Service fired her because she wouldn’t participate in a “mandatory” Christmas gift exchange, which is forbidden by her religion, in Orange County Court, Orlando, Fla.

     Class-action complaints alleging Labor Code violations have been filed against these defendants: Pittsburgh Mercy Health System and The Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh, in Pittsburgh Federal Court; American Gas & Oil, in Grand Rapids, Mich., Federal Court; Trueblue and Labor Ready Midwest, in Kent County Court, Grand Rapids, Mich.; Guardian Security Holdings, in Atlanta Federal Court; Probuild Overhead Door Co. of Central Florida, in Ocala Federal Court; United Forming, and Go Relax Travel, in Orlando Federal Court; FCI & Associates, in Dallas Federal Court; DKLC Group and Linne Homes, in Houston Federal Court; and AK Steel Corp. fka Armco, in Cincinnati Federal Court.

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