Todd Manley did not pay 102 workers any wages at all for four weeks work at his Manley’s Farm, in New Market, Tenn., the Secretary of Labor claims in Knoxville Federal Court.

     Class-action complaints alleging Labor Code violations have been filed against these defendants: Marie Callender Pie Shop, on behalf of managers and assistant managers, in San Diego Federal Court; Matrix Service, in Los Angeles Federal Court; Pacific Cheese Co., in Alameda County Court, Oakland; Comcast, in Baltimore Federal Court; Rite-Aid, in Trenton, N.J., Federal Court; Nationwide Modification Agency, in Central Islip Federal Court, N.Y,; Orange Lake Country Club, in Orange County Court, Orlando, Fla.; $1 Depot, in Bronx County Court; LJS Framing Services Corp., in Miami Federal Court; Talent Tree, in Birmingham, Ala., Federal Court; Hooah Security Services, in Memphis Federal Court; and Rajbhog Foods, in Queens County Court, N.Y.
     (Companies not separated by commas are defendants in the same case.)

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