The USA filed an injunction to stop Bryan County Sheriff Bill Sturch from discriminating against pregnant women, in Muskogee Federal Court.

     The EEOC accuses Willamette Tree Wholesale of subjecting its female employees to a hostile work environment, in a class action in Portland, Ore., Federal Court.
     Class-action complaints alleging Labor Code violations have been filed against these defendants: United Brothers Auto Sales dba Super Remate De Autos, in Los Angeles Superior Court, Tharco Containers, and Seacrest Convalescent Hospital; Countrywide Financial and Bank of America, in Ventura County Court, Calif.; Taco Bell, in Fresno Federal Court; Columbia Helicopters, in Portland, Ore., Federal Court; Transam Trucking, in Kansas City, Kan., Federal Court; AK Steel Corp., in Cincinnati Federal Court; Export Packaging Co., for a mass layoff, in Peoria, Ill., Federal Court; Atlantic Air Conditioning & Heating, in Chicago Federal Court; CEVA Freight, in Columbus, Ohio, Federal Court; Imperial Painting & Fireproofing dba The Gold Group, in Manhattan Federal Court; DM Associates, in Atlanta Federal Court; and FDIC as receiver for Washington Mutual Bank, in Seattle Federal Court.
     (Companies not separated by commas are defendants in the same case.)

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