A fund raiser for the athletics department in the State University of New York, Binghamton, claims a boss groped her, that SUNY expects women “to raise money by exploiting their sexuality,” and retaliated when she complained about it, in Manhattan Federal Court.

     Thomas Ridinger, former photo editor of Smart Money, says Dow Jones & Co. fired him because he was 62 years old, in a discrimination claim in Manhattan Federal Court.
     Class-action complaints alleging Labor Code violations have been filed against these defendants: Home Depot, in Los Angeles Superior Court; Lenscrafters, in San Francisco Federal Court; Hilton Hotels, in Orange County Court, Calif.; Oxford Collection Agency, in Manhattan Federal Court; Domino’s Pizza, in Brooklyn Federal Court; Pizza Hut, in Denver Federal Court; The Kansas University Alumni Association, in Kansas City, Kan., Federal Court; Allied Aviation Services, and North Star Aviation, in Providence, R.I., Federal Court.
     (Companies not separated by commas are defendants in the same case.)

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