A former principal of an Early Childhood School claims the Cleveland Metropolitan School District harassed and demoted her because of her race and her “neo-soul” style of dress, in Cuyahoga County Court.

     Maruchan, and Koosharem, which provides it with staffing services, force workers to clock out for meals but doesn’t let them take the meal breaks, a class action claims in Orange County Court, Calif.
     Class-action complaints alleging Labor Code violations have been filed against these defendants: Verizon Communications, Napster, Symantec, and The Rim Corp., in Los Angeles Superior Court; Bank of America, in Los Angeles Federal Court; North Island Financial Credit Union, CPM Ltd. and Manpower Temporary Services, and Onecoast Network, in San Diego Superior Court; Big Lots Stores, and EZ Lube, in Orange County Court, Calif.; American Marine & Construction, and Tradition Central Air, in Tampa Federal Court; Ice Block dba Redbones, in Fort Myers, Fla., Federal Court; and Mevco, and Steinger Iscoe & Greene PA, in Fort Lauderdale Federal Court.
     (Companies not separated by commas are defendants in the same case.)

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