Employer of the Week

DALLAS (CN) – A man who tried to stop the cruel sexual harassment of a co-worker, which made her cry, claims he was told, “You must be a faggot,” then demoted and constructively fired. He sued ABC Debt Relief and its owners in Federal Court.

     G. Chris Onorato, a senior debt consultant for ABC, claims he stepped in when “one of ABC’s other senior debt consultants, Robert McLain, referred to one of ABC’s female employees, Melissa Laroach, as a ‘slut’ and a ‘whore.’ Laroach heard McLain do so and began crying. Plaintiff told McLain to stop doing so. McLain responded to plaintiff, ‘You must be a faggot.’ McLain then sent an email to ABC’s other employees with a ‘photo shopped’ photograph attached which suggested that plaintiff was holding a penis-shaped ice cream cone. McLain also told ABC’s other employees that plaintiff drank ‘penis coladas.'”
     Onorato says he complained to defendant Kevin Devoto, an owner of ABC, and other managers, who retaliated by demoting him, reducing his sales leads, and income, and putting him on unpaid leave, effectively firing him.
     He seeks reinstatement, lost income and punitive damages for discrimination, retaliation and Labor Code violations. He is represented by Robert Wood of Richardson, Texas.
     The only defendants are ABC Debt Relief, Lloyd Regner and Kevin Devoto.

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