Employer of the Month

CONROE, Texas (CN) – A woman claims her boss sexually assaulted her in Iraq and fired her, then shipped her off to Jordan and canceled her hotel reservation and return flight to the United States, leaving her without money, “as she desperately tried to find a safe place to stay while she figured out how to get home.” She sued The AIM Group and Ali Issa in Montgomery County Court.

     Laura Resendez claims the treatment she received from Issa, The AIM Group’s managing partner, was “nothing short of abominable.”
     “Within hours of the sexual assault Mr. Issa fired Resendez under the pretext that she had not performed her job in a satisfactory manner,” the complaint states.
     Then, she say, Issa had her “removed from the base and flown to Amman, Jordan to await her flight to the United States.”
     The complaint does not elucidate what “the base” is.
     “After Mrs. Resendez left Iraq, Mr. Issa ordered her hotel and flight arrangements from Jordan to the United States to be canceled,” she says. “Mrs. Resendez arrived in Jordan to discover that she had no hotel to stay in and no flight home. Mrs. Resendez did not have any money to purchase an airline ticket nor a hotel room. She sought help from co-workers, friends and family as she desperately tried to find a safe place to stay while she figured out how to get back home.”
     When she finally did get home, Resendez says, “AIM’s retaliation continued in the United States when it stopped payment on the final paychecks it issued to Mrs. Resendez for the last two weeks she worked, resulting in numerous bank charges for insufficient funds.”
     Resendez seeks punitive damages from AIM Group for breach of contract, failure to pay wages owed, negligence, conversion and theft. She says the defendants prevented her from getting personal items out of her trailer in Iraq when she was fired.
     She seeks damages from Issa for assault and intentional interference with contract relations.
     She is represented by Laureen Bagley of Longview, Texas.

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