Employees Say Wal-Mart Dictates Treatment

     DENVER (CN) – Wal-Mart conspires with Claims Management, American Home Assurance and Concentra Health Services to improperly dictate and control the type and duration of medical treatment received by injured employees, a class action claims in Federal Court.

     The mega-retailer, in connection with Claims Management and American Home Insurance, performs all adjusting functions for workers’ compensation claims.
     The trio allegedly entered into undisclosed contracts with Concentra, whereby Concentra provides “authorized treating physicians” for all Wal-Mart employee injury claims.
     In return, Concentra agreed to abide by Wal-Mart and the adjusters’ rigid stipulations, including treatment flow sheets, protocol notes and pre-authorization forms, the lawsuit states. These practices limit Concentra’s ability to recommend treatments, make referrals and write prescriptions, employees claim.
     They are represented by Frances Koncilja.

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