Employee Of The Week

     CHATTANOOGA (CN) – When a resident of Shallowford Terrace luxury apartments complained that there were not enough parking spaces, an employee put a loaded gun between her eyes and threatened to “blow your f -ing brains all over the concrete,” the woman says.

     Stacey McBryar sued Zaremba Shallowford LLC, Zaremba Management Co., Shallowford employees Yvonne Varwig and her John Doe husband, and Robert Stanley Gass, the maintenance man who allegedly threatened her at gunpoint.
     “Please give me a reason. I’ve got a permit. I’ll blow your brains out,” Gass told her as he held the gun to her head and the Varwigs watched, McBryar says in her complaint in Hamilton County Court. She is represented in by Alan Beard.

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