Employee Claims CEO Asked for His Wife

     ST. LOUIS (CN) – The CEO of MiTek audio systems offered an employee a company credit card with an unlimited line if the CEO could sleep with the worker’s wife, the man claims in Federal Court.
     Adam and Nicole Liley sued MiTek Corp. and its president and CEO Loyd Ivey.
     Adam Liley says he was fired from his building maintenance position after he rejected Ivey’s overtures toward Nicole.
     “During and throughout plaintiff Adam Liley’s employment with defendant Mitek Corporation, defendant Loyd Ivey offered the plaintiff, Adam Liley, ‘benefits,’ such as unlimited access to Mitek Corporation credit cards, if plaintiff Adam Liley would arrange for defendant Ivey to have sex with plaintiff Adam Liley’s wife, the plaintiff, Nicole Liley,” the complaint states.
     The Lileys’ complaint describes a lurid history of Ivey trying to seduce Nicole through her husband. They claim Ivey touched Nicole several times in sexually suggestive manners and told her his penis was so big that she would “choke on it.”
     The Lileys claim that Ivey asked for sexual favors from Nicole in front of Adam several times.
     “On or about the 17th day of February, 2012, while in the air on the company jet, defendant Ivey asked the plaintiff, Nicole Liley, if Nicole Liley had ever heard of the ‘Mile High Club’; defendant Ivey asked plaintiff Nicole Liley if she liked to swallow sperm; and defendant Ivey then proceeded to put his arm around and tried to kiss plaintiff Nicole Liley,” the complaint states.
     (The Mile High Club refers to people who have sex in an airplane.)
     On the same flight, the Lileys say in the complaint, Ivey told Nicole “that if Nicole Liley would ‘suck his dick’ then her ears wouldn’t pop from the altitude,”
     Adam Liley claims Ivey often bragged about having sex with MiTek employees and asked if he could see nude pictures of Nicole.
     “On numerous occasions during the plaintiff Adam Liley’s employment with defendant Mitek Corporation, defendant Loyd Ivey showed photographs of nude females to Adam Liley that defendant Ivey claimed were employed by or associated with the company, some of which were recognized by Adam Liley as Mitek Management,” the complaint states.
     The Lileys seek punitive damages for sexual harassment and battery, and an injunction ordering the defendants to adhere to anti-discrimination laws.
     They are represented by Michael L. Jackson with Jackson and Welker, in Jackson, Mo.
     MiTek’s makes high-quality audio products, according to its website. It has outlets in Missouri, Texas, Arizona, Kentucky, Wisconsin and Illinois.

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