Embattled Judge Fined $50K for Defamation

     LAS VEGAS (CN) – Ousted Clark County Court Judge Elizabeth Halverson, who in 2008 was removed from the bench and then was attacked by her husband with a frying pan, was ordered to pay $50,000 on Tuesday for defaming her former legal assistant.

     Ileen Spoor sued Halverson in 2007, claiming she was defamed when the judge told the media that Spoor fixed tickets. Spoor also said Halverson swiped her files and her Rolodex.
     Along with the award, District Judge David Wall also ordered Halverson to return the files, The Associated Press reported. He denied Spoor’s additional $100,000 claim for punitive damages.
     Halverson took the bench in 2007 but was soon accused of harassing staff and falling asleep during trials.
     She was removed from the bench in November 2008 by the Nevada Judicial Discipline Commission.
     In January, Halverson’s husband got three to 10 years for attacking her with a frying pan at their home in September 2008.

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