Eiffel Tower Reduces Service Amid Paris Protests

PARIS (AP) — The Eiffel Tower had to reduce service amid a day of union-organized protests against President Emmanuel Macron’s proposed changes to France’s labor laws.

The monument beloved by tourists opened normally Tuesday, but press officer Alice Beunardeau says services were reduced as the day wore on due to striking employees.

The tower’s elevators halted in the late afternoon. After that, viewing was limited to the tower’s first floor, which visitors had to access by a stairway.

There were no second-floor visits to the tower, and it was closing early at 10:30 p.m.

In other protest-related news, police used water cannon and tear gas on several hundred hooded youths who joined a Paris protest march.

The youths who showed up near the end of Tuesday’s march pelted security forces with objects, briefly halting the event held by union sympathizers, a student union and others.

While union marches are usually peaceful, troublemakers on the margins often clash with police.

The CGT union, which organized marches around France, said 60,000 people participated in the Paris protest.

Police said 24,000 people marched. A police statement said four people were detained and one person with a minor injury was taken to a hospital.

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