Eiffel Tower Lighted for |Turkish Attack Victims

     (AP) — The Eiffel Tower is to be illuminated in the colors of the Turkish flag in homage to the victims of the Istanbul Airport attack. In the meantime, a 44th victim of the Ataturk Airport attack has died.
     The initiative to light the Paris monument red and white at 11 p.m. local time Thursday is intended as a “a reminder of the unbreakable support of the City of Paris” to the Turkish nation and to the victims of Tuesday’s gun-and-bomb attacks, said Deputy Paris Mayor Bruno Julliard.
     Wednesday saw the image of the Turkish flag projected onto several world sites including Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate and Amsterdam’s Royal Palace.
     Turkey’s state-run news agency says a 25-year-old man who shot in the triple suicide attack at Istanbul’s airport has died of his wounds.
     Yasin Ocal, a married airport employee, suffered serious wounds to the head during the attack and died in a nearby hospital.

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