Editor & Publisher Dies

(CN) – Editor & Publisher, whose Classified section was once a standard resource for newspaper reporters looking for work, will close by the end of the year, after 109 years chronicling the journalism business, Nielsen Business Media said. Kirkus Reviews, which has covered book publishing since 1933, also will be shut down.

     In addition to killing its newspaper and book trade mags, Nielsen is selling Billboard, the Hollywood Reporter, Adweek, Mediaweek and Backstage, and will get out of the trade magazine business, the company said on Thursday.
     Nielsen’s surviving trade papers will be sold to Pluribus Capital Management, one of whose partners, James Finkelstein, owns The Hill newspaper in Washington, D.C.
     The closing of Editor & Publisher is another death knell for the old-time newspaper business. The magazine, known as E&P, changed from weekly to monthly publication in 2004. It was standard reading fare for newspaper reporters, particularly young ones and disgruntled ones looking for a better job.
     And since reporters are disgruntled by nature, or by their peculiar sources of nurture, delivery of the weekly E&P, generally to the publisher’s box, often precipitated a clandestine rush from the newsroom to the copy machine and back.
     Editor & Publisher’s predecessor, The Journalist, began publishing in 1884. A merger formed Editor & Publisher in 1901.
     Kirkus Reviews offered pre-publication reviews of new books. But it, like E&P, suffered from the proliferation of cheap opinion sites and online classified sections. Nielsen apparently will not close The Bookseller, a sister publication to Kirkus, which covers books in the United Kingdom.
     (Full disclosure: This reporter got his first newspaper staff job through the E&P Classifieds. Then he moved up from a weekly to a daily the same way. When this reporter became disgruntled, he got another job through E&P. That job was even worse.)

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