Eagles Demand $769,000 From T.O.

     PHILADELPHIA (CN) – The Philadelphia Eagles claims Terrell Owens owes them $769,000. The team sued in Federal Court to confirm arbitration.

     Owens and the NFL Players Association sued the Eagles in December 2005, demanding unpaid wages after Owens was suspended from the team. The Eagles countersued a week later, alleging breach of contract, and demanded from Owens his $1.725 million signing bonus.
     Arbitration was held in April 2007. On Jan. 24 this year the arbitrator denied Owens’ grievance claim and ordered him to pay the Eagles $769,115.65, the team says in its complaint.
     Owens, a talented and controversial receiver, was suspended for four games during the 2005 season after repeatedly criticizing his teammates, particularly quarterback Donovan McNabb.

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